Hey Allister…

As a whole, the disc just doesn’t deliver, and once you finish the disc, it’s so forgettable, that it seems that you didn’t listen to it at all.
— AlucardX, Last Stop Suburbia punknews.org Review
chicago last show.png

Allister, 2007



Allister is an American pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois. The four-piece formed in 1994 when the original band members were still in high school, and was originally named Phineas Gage. In 1998 Allister became one of the first bands to sign to Drive-Thru Records. They went on hiatus in 2007, then reunited in 2010. They have released six studio albums, two seven inches and one EP: You Can’t Do That On Vinyl (1998), Dead Ends and Girlfriends (Drive Thru Records 1999), Last Stop Suburbia (Drive Thru/MCA 2002), Before the Blackout-(Drive Thru/Sanctuary 2005), Guilty Pleasures - (In-n-out Records 2006), Countdown to Nowhere (Universal J 2010), You Still Can’t Do That On Vinyl (Little Heart Records 2011), Life Behind Machines (Universal J 2012), and 20 Years and Counting (Univeral J 2019).



Tim Rogner

Scott Murphy

Kyle Lewis

Mike Leverence